Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi everyone -

i slept through the first class on The 37, and last night I called the "missed class" recording. It is great to have that resource. Many thanks to Erin for setting it up. And to state the obvious, I encourage everyone to remember it's there.

The previous post got me thinking about how English does not have a "sacred language" that could be used for translation purposes. Someone once told me that since the texts were in Sanskrit originally and Tibetans recite them in Tibetan, it is the same thing for us to recite them in English since that is our language. I don't think that's true. My understanding is that much care was taken to create a "sacred" Tibetan specifically for the translation of the texts. And the sounds are important.

I think English is necessary at first for us to understand the words and the gist of things, but there's more to it. Anyone?

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